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I can stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose voters. Presidential candidate D. J. Trump 2016 quote

The former president’s quote is part of America’s sinful truth. During the 2nd presidential impeachment hearing, his attorneys’ explained his comments during a rally did not incite people to march to the U. S. Capitol, where they trespassed, destroyed property, causing the deaths of five people.

Americans witnessed attorneys and Republicans exonerated their client/leader of criminal behavior.

Sadly, we all knew this before the hearings began.

But, the final day of hearings was conducted on a Saturday, allowing young children to witness both sides’ passionate speeches.

I’m sure somewhere in America, a five or eight-year-old child has asked their parents. Why can’t he be responsible for what happened?

These are teachable moral moments for parents, religious, and military leaders, along with anyone with simple knowledge of morals of right and wrong.

I wonder how a commander in Chief may be responsible for the deaths of military personnel but unable to show remorse for government workers’ deaths or people who attended his rally. Because there were good people on all sides even the people identified by federal agencies with court dates fast approaching.

The over 200 people who have been identified and charged with federal crimes from the January 6th riots will claim they were influenced to commit their crimes based on the comments by a former president who is above the law.

I wonder how many defense attorneys will issue witness-subpoenas for the former president, Rudy Giuliani, and Trump Jr?

American Domestic Terrorist:

After today’s acquittal, white supremacist groups and state militias may attempt similar attacks at U. S. state capitols, forcing white-Americans to become leary of white people. Now, that will be a change in the tactics of fear. “Who can you trust” will become the motto of some of these groups.

But, I can imagine America’s people of color may be pressed into service to train White-Americans to root out individuals in these domestic terrorist organizations, which has been a reality for over 200-years.

I see hope on the horizon with the beginning of a new American Organization or political party called; White-Americans Against Racism and Hate. “WAARH”



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M. J. Goode-Leake/Expedition Nomadic Adventures

I’m a retiree, nomadically traveling full-time around North American. I’m an aspiring creative fiction romance writer about baby boomers.