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3 min readMar 27, 2021

Human revenge and temptation are emotional responses witnessed in the recent mass shootings’ and the insurrection at the U.S, Capitol, causing death, mayhem, and trauma.

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As I type, there are no indigenous people, African-American or Asian-Americans, filled with revenge and or tempted to shoot anyone or target any organizations in response to past injustices.

But, 43 U. S. Republican majority state legislative bodies have put forth legislation to restrict American citizens’ voting ability.

Could these Republican politicians be driven by fear, revenge, or hate because they were elected into office without any voting irregularities?

American citizens are wondering with all there is needed to be done in our country. Why are elected Republican politicians pressing to install legislative measures in states across the nation to restrict American citizen’s ability to vote in a free voting democracy?

American citizens could use their computer’s search engine to discover ancestors of the democratic and republican parties responsible for the voting poll-taxes and literacy tests used against indigenous people, African-Americans, and Asian-American citizens less than a century ago.

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But, I wonder if any current elected Republican state politician is aware of Senator Storm Thurmond’s 24-hour and 18-min filibuster tirade against the Civil Rights Act of 1957, written to federally secure and protect African-Americans’ rights to vote without states harassment.

I wonder if any current members of the Republican Party remember Senator Thurmond changed his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican because of the legislation.

These American historical facts were never taught in any parochial, elementary, middle, or high school and colleges. Because if it was, some current Republican…

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