America’s War against Covid-19

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2 min readDec 20, 2021
Image courtesy of J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Everyone upon our planet is suffering from the war against Covid-19 and its variants. A chameleon-type enemy is mutating in its attempts to render vaccines ineffective while easily killing the unvaccinated.

As of December 19, Covid-19 has killed eight hundred and two thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine American Citizens. On Dec 14, 2021, US Politicians held a candlelight memorial to recognize the number of dead American citizens.

With so many deaths over a two-year period, I would have expected hundreds if not thousands of memorial proposals from politicians at the local, state, and federal levels or at least religious leaders requesting memorials to honor the dead after the number of funerals held at their places of worship.

The movement to recognize the Covid dead has begun at the city and state levels. Many US Governors have initiated the memorial process back when the deaths went above 600,000.

As the fall and soon-to-be winter professional sports seasons continue, there has been no recognition of the number of their fans who have died. But, the recent Omicron Covid infections within professional football, basketball, hockey, and college sports, have caused the postponement of games.

I’m sure the surviving American family members of the dead would be grateful and honored if some Americans recognized their grief and the dead during the holiday season.

Covid-19 is a relentless enemy with a devilish grin with ignorant and apathetic allies who ignore and debate the science of its transmittable existence.

Our Covid-19 enemy evolved to become more transmittable as its strategic plan knowing humanity’s insatiable desire to gather during the holidays and the busiest travel time of the year.

Our enemy’s planning is sadistic, knowing apathy and ignorance will potentially infect and kill millions more.

Our enemy has allies, and they are the people who lie about their vaccination status. Yes, people lie about their vaccination status, just like parents tell children about Santa-clause. So, wear your mask, gloves if needed and wash your hands with hand sanitizer until washing your hands with soap. Avoid people who you cannot verify are vaccinated.

You and you alone are responsible for your ability to remain healthy. Trust your instincts and remember family members and friends will lie, so stay healthy and away from the infected.

We will win the Covid-19 war. So remain vaccinated, boosted, and get a flu shot. No one wants to be in a hospital bed say to themselves, “I should have.”

Enjoy the holidays.

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