Honoring America’s ending of Slavery

On this day, President Joe Biden signs into law recognizing June 19th, as a U. S. Federal Holiday commemorating the end of the legal enslavement of Black Americans.

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All American’s must remember two weeks ago, the Memorial Day weekend, honoring America’s dead military personnel. …

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Humanity has an ingrained sense of competitiveness which is equally matched by betting on any form of competition.

So, for the past 115-years, amateur and U. S. high school students have received scholarship offers to colleges and universities because of their mental and physical athletic abilities.

The non-profit organization managing…

Route-12 Washington State.

There is a repeated loop of daily visuals with televised news shows covering every angle of anything that bleeds. All combined with daily Covid-19 World Pandemic updates, causing the deaths of more than half a million Americans. …

Human revenge and temptation are emotional responses witnessed in the recent mass shootings’ and the insurrection at the U.S, Capitol, causing death, mayhem, and trauma.

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As I type, there are no indigenous people, African-American or Asian-Americans, filled with revenge and or tempted to shoot anyone or target any organizations in…

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I can stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose voters. Presidential candidate D. J. Trump 2016 quote

The former president’s quote is part of America’s sinful truth. During the 2nd presidential impeachment hearing, his attorneys’ explained his comments during a rally did not…

“The Code Of Honor — A Duel In The Bois De Boulogne, Near Paris”, wood engraving by Godefroy Durand, 1875. Image Harpers Weekly

Humanities evolution of confrontation has evolved from wrestling, fighting with fists, duels with swords fighting, and firing rounds at one another a distance away. But, today, the use of an AR-15 assault rifle against the unarmed has become normal acceptance.

A Kenosha County Circuit Court jury’s issued a not-guilty verdict…

Mr. Joe Clark, you have written an excellent self-reflective narrative of your life's journey of discovery layered with curiosity and an open mind to learn beyond what many people are indoctrinated and taught culturally.

Many African-Americans have shared their experiences of education only to be ridiculed by our own.

I recommend and suggest research and maybe a visit to the Equal Justice Initiative "eji.org" to learn and discover more about the deep-seated roots of systemic racism in America.

I'm the son of a father who was part of the desperate migration from the Southern United States. I refer to his generation as "refugees of the Mississippi Delta" and "Escapee of the "Jim-Crow South,"

Each generation grows wiser no matter what criticisms are hurled by elders. M.J.G-L

Mr. Joe Clark, you grow wiser every day so keep asking questions and writing about your journey.

M. J. Goode-Leake

I’m a retired guy, traveling full-time around North American. I write about my experiences and my opinions on racial, cultural, social issues.

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